Terms & Condition

  1. We use first in first out system for the shipment with the capacity of 70-80 packages per week.
  1. You can check your order progress with the link below


  1. Seller are responsible for providing the phytosanitary certificate and invoice (optional)
  1. Seller is responsible for the checking process in Indonesia. Further inspection after shipping to customer’s area is customer’s responsibility.
  1. Customers need to inform the seller about the regulations in their region.
  1. If there are no instructions given to us, then we will use the standard regulations and the customers will not be able to complain if there’s any problems occur.
  1. If problems occur, customers are expected to stay calm and not to worry because we will try our best to solve it. Reporting cases to Paypal will delay the problem solving further, so please wait and be patient.
  1. Damages from shipping is expected when importing live plants, if any of the risk concerns you, please consider cancel or not ordering at all. 
  1. We will not process any refund unless there are some conditions.
  1. Order cancellations cannot be processed after 3 days after the order has been made, unless there’s some conditions.
  1. All form of taxes and duty fees in the customer’s area are fully customer’s responsibilities, we will not take any liability for any problem in regards of the taxes.
  1. According to the regulations from Indonesia, exporting requires an export permit and it is required for phytosanitary certificate to be made, so please wait for the process to finish.
  1. All shipments will go through lab checks by the Minister of the Agriculture. Please wait for the process to finish.
  1. Submission process could take up to 3 weeks