How to Claim Damaged Plants

  1. A clear photo and video are required for proof of damages. Please prepare the phytosanitary photo as well.
  2. Contact us through email for reports and consultations.
  3. Alternatives solutions
  • Partial Refund, up to 70% from the initial price, depending on the damages
  • Resend, we will resend the plants one time only to the customers with the shipping fee paid by the customer
  1. Resend and Refund will only be done if the plants are totally damaged from the roots, stems, and leaves. Yellowing or wilted plants is will not be accepted because it is normal and it is the risk of importing plants.
  2. Please don’t cuss, bad mouth, or do any forceful act on social media. If this happens, the refund process will take a lot longer and probably the refund process will not be done.
  3. All problems that occur must be solved in a civil way and without any coercion.

Reporting to paypal is not the best way.

NOTE : Before claiming for the damaged plants, if you see your plants a little bit wilted or yellow, please let the plants rest by soaking them in vitamin B1, do not pot if the plants are not strong enough, let them freshen up and hydrate before potting with soil.