Our Story - The Little Journey of Oramicin-Kokonat Indonesia

Our Story - The Little Journey of Oramicin-Kokonat Indonesia

Good Day, Plant Folks!

With joy, we share some of our small adventures that have brought us to this point in our journey, and we will continue to grow with hopeful dreams. We express our gratitude to those of you who may be reading our blog updates, as you have kindly become a part of Oramicin-Kokonat Indonesia



We started in 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic struck. As everyone knows, many things and activities were disrupted and nearly came to a halt during this pandemic, including in Indonesia. Numerous shops, factories, offices, schools, and other public places became inactive due to government directives urging us to stay at home to reduce physical contact.

All activities shifted online and to homes. Many people lost their jobs, resulting in a reduction of income for survival, which was truly terrifying. Collaborating with my colleagues, we decided to venture into the online sale of ornamental plants with a focus on export marketing, hoping to bring about change and benefits for everyone.


Our business progressed slowly but steadily. We started gaining buyers, and our customer base grew every day, with some even willing to place repeat orders. Providing the best service to buyers and ensuring the optimal care for all our products is our responsibility.


We now ship our plants to various countries, including in Europe and many states in the US.



In our business journey, we consistently strive to ensure the growth of our business, one of which is by participating in various training sessions and plant exhibitions.

In 2023, we attended the Business Matching training as part of the Export Coaching Program organized by the Human Resources Training Center for Export and Trade Services of the Ministry of Trade, in collaboration with the Department of Industry and Trade of East Java Province.


This training has been very beneficial for us because it allows us to interact with customer representatives from various countries, such as the US, Dubai, and Taipei. We discuss the products that have a strong market segment in their respective countries, enabling us to introduce our business on a broader scale and acquire new customers. Additionally, it provides us with new knowledge and insights.
During this training, we were also given the opportunity to participate in an exhibition to further showcase our business products. We are very pleased and grateful for this opportunity.


On September 28 to October 1, 2023, we participated in the Floriculture Indonesia International Expo held in Tangerang, Indonesia. Many visitors from various cities and countries attended, and the enthusiasm of plant enthusiasts was equally fiery as our excitement to interact directly with the beautiful plant collections.

We exchanged stories, and we successfully sold the promoted plants. Our booth even attracted the visit of the Minister of Social Affairs, a female Indonesian politician. The expo was incredibly enjoyable!




We also have experience in providing education on ornamental plants, particularly in the context of exporting ornamental plants. We have been appointed and invited multiple times to serve as speakers for events focused on raising awareness and providing training.

ini adalah kegiatan kami sebagai narasumber yang bekerjasama dengan Badan Karantina Pertanian Wilayah Kediri dalam sosialisasi yang diadakan oleh Dinas Ketahanan Pangan dan Pertanian Kota Kediri

This is our activity as speakers collaborating with the Agricultural Quarantine Agency in the Kediri region for an awareness campaign organized by the Department of Food Security and Agriculture of Kediri City. The event took place on June 26, 2023, with the aim of enhancing the knowledge and insights of ornamental plant business practitioners in Kediri City.




Our activity as speakers in collaboration with the Indonesian Teachers' Union (Persatuan Guru Republik Indonesia or PGRI) was in celebration of PGRI's 77th anniversary. The training was attended by all early childhood education teachers in Kediri City and lasted for 5 days. The teachers showed great enthusiasm for the training, which included practical sessions on pruning and planting, as well as the distribution of plants they could care for at home.

The hope is that the plants we provided will contribute to enhancing their collection of ornamental plants and beautifying their gardens.



Hello, nice to meet you again!

I'd like to share a little about what we achieved at the end of last year, specifically in December 2023. Our business received an award certificate from KADIN (Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry) at the Kadin Award Kota Kediri 2023 event. We were selected as the first-place winner as entrepreneurs competing under the theme "Go Pasar Modern Go Digital.

During this event, we met many other outstanding entrepreneurs. We hope that we can become supporters for each other's businesses. KADIN Kota Kediri assisted us in terms of digital marketing for our business. Undoubtedly, this knowledge is incredibly helpful for the further sustainability of our business.

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